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Additive production systems

The 3D printer is shaping the future of industrial production. Through additive processes, components are created from powder and light alone using 3D printers for metals. Highly productive laser processing machines enable innovative applications in the fields of coating and repair through laser metal deposition. For additive manufacturing, TRUMPF provides you with solutions in both relevant laser technologies: laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD). Depending on the application, we offer the right 3D printer or laser processing machine for your industrial manufacturing processes.

For the industrialisation of 3D metal printing, we offer you a complete solution comprising digitalisation, services and additive production systems. As a pioneer in additive technology with around 20 years of experience, we will pass on our expertise to you, so that you benefit from robust and reliable laser 3D printers, as well as highly productive laser processing machines for industrial series production.

Laser metal fusion

TruPrint 1000, the compact 3D printer from TRUMPF

TruPrint 1000

The TruPrint 1000 is the compact machine for 3D printing from TRUMPF. It can be used for processing any type of metal. It can be used to easily and quickly realise even complex CAD designs.

TruPrint 3000, flexible solution for industrial 3D printing

TruPrint 3000

The universal medium-format machine for industrial production with external part and powder management for series production using 3D printing.

TruPrint 5000

TruPrint 5000

Maximise productivity when manufacturing 3D printed parts in series production! The TruPrint 5000 ensures this is an easy and reliable process. Thanks to features like the 500°C preheating and the multilaser with three 500-watt lasers, you can easily produce top-quality components, even when working in demanding industrial applications.

Industrial part and powder management

Industrielles Teile- und Pulvermanagement

The TRUMPF products for industrial part and powder management, such as silo, unpacking station and vacuum conveyor, guarantee that you can handle your powder and components perfectly. This means you can achieve additive series production that is industry ready and cost effective.


Laser metal deposition

TruLaser Cell 3000, unique and universal

TruLaser Cell 3000

The 3D laser machine TruLaser Cell 3000 from TRUMPF can be used for two and three-dimensional cutting and welding, as well as for laser metal deposition (LMD) and therefore for additive manufacturing. From prototypes to large-scale series production, this multi-talented machine displays its superiority across the board.

Product images of the TruLaser Cell 7040 fiber from TRUMPF

TruLaser Cell 7040

Regardless of whether you're cutting, welding or using laser metal deposition, you are always perfectly equipped with the modular TruLaser Cell Series 7040 laser system. The high flexibility of the machine enables you to process both two and three-dimensional components, and even tubes.

DepositionLine technology package

Tap into new markets with laser metal deposition – from coating to repair, through to additive manufacturing: with our DepositionLine technology package, you are provided with a tailored solution comprised of the beam source, powder feeder, optics and nozzle.

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